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    Android is very popular mobile operating system which is responsible for powering not millions but billions of devices which not only include handheld devices such mobiles and tabs but also smart watches and televisions as well. There are several best things about Android and some of them primarily are:

    • It’s free
    • It’s based on Linux Kernel
    • It is easy to use and user-friendly

    The operating system is designed by keeping the touch screen in mind and relies on direct manipulation which uses gestures which corresponds loosely to our daily gestures we use while doing various activities of the day. This gesture technology makes it immensely easy to operate and control. After entering in different parts of our lives, the OS is now set to enter into cars and is known as Android Auto. Some lightweight variants of Android OS are also available in notebooks, gaming consoles and digital cameras.

    Though the OS was officially launched after iOS, it dominated the market in no time and currently has the largest base of users. The biggest reason for this is while Apple is only for premium users and hardcore fan Android is available in a large variety of devices which vary in price from as low as possible to the highest. Corresponding to the Apple’s App Store, Android has its Google Play store with over 1 billion apps which are affordable and much cheaper than the apps available in app store. Many of the useful and popular apps are also free of cost.

    JICS India is among the best industrial training institute in Jaipur, which offers comprehensive and practical android training in Jaipur. The Android training is designed at JICS India by keeping in mind the needs of real-time industries. The course developed here is to ensure that students get to learn from basic to advanced topics which are mandatory for any app development on Android platform. The course is taught by well-experienced professionals in the field which is extensively backed by live project training in Jaipur using which students get to learn the real life and real time implications of the topics they have learned. It also helps them in understanding the real-time application development process which is an essential tool for any developer.

    Our Android training institute in Jaipur comes with several features like:

    • Customized training course
    • Training under industry experts and professionals
    • Training which is based on both theory and practical
    • Best infrastructure support including properly functioning labs and other facilities.

    Our Btech project training institute in Jaipur is focused on producing Android developers who are capable of contributing their efforts for the betterment of technology and can participate in making the technology more and more accessible to the people of this world. The interns are trained so that they can face any interview questions during their placement times.

    All topics are covered in details and with tremendous examples, and all the learning is also backed by numerous small projects so that students can learn to apply the concepts which they have learned in class.

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