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    Data plays an important role for any organization since this data includes everything about an organization, its functioning, about its employees and their clients. This data needs to be kept safe and secure since this combines everything about an organization and if leaked to some different company, they can use it against and for their profits. Cisco has been a brand name in the world of networking. There are various devices manufactured by this IT giant and has used various technologies in that. These devices include routers, switches etc. However, in order to work on these devices you need to be aware about its technologies and how exactly the device works. Cisco has introduced some certification programs which help students in understanding the concepts about their devices and one of this certification is CCNA.
    Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is an associate level certification program where you get to learn about Cisco routers, switches and technology used inside them. There are various centres which provide CCNA course in Jaipur for this type of certification; however, it’s all up to you to select the appropriate one for yourself. With this certification you will be aware about concepts of LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network), will be aware about TCP/IP model and its technology, configuring Cisco devices, troubleshooting them and also learn about security of these devices.
    Most of the organizations use these devices for transferring their data from one location to another since after globalization, organizations tend to open various offices in different locations and keeping them connected is certainly a challenge. This challenge is overcome by using these devices, but one should have all the knowledge about these devices so that they can overcome some urgent situations.
    With CCNA certification you will be eligible for installing, configuring, troubleshooting and operating routed networks, since after this certification you will have all the knowledge and skill to make connections to remote places using WAN. Not only this, you can also be a person who can secure the connection using various protocols that can be configured with these devices in order to protect data.
    Whatever thing you study, its practical implementation is as important as theoretical knowledge and with this course you get to work on real Cisco devices. This makes you even more comfortable in understanding things as this would give you much more detail about the device and its working. In practical sessions you would also learn about other company routers like Linksys. CCNA course is based on various objectives which include:
    – security of devices,
    – troubleshooting issues with LAN, WAN and VLAN,
    – understanding the concepts of 3 layer of OSI model which is Network layer and the devices working on this layer,
    – and, visualizing the concept of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
    The certification exams are held online and you can check for various dates on Cisco’s official website. This exam includes both theoretical and practical exam and once cleared, you will get the certificate from Cisco and will be called as a Cisco Certified Professional. This should be noted that IT giants like Microsoft, Oracle, etc., keep looking for Cisco Professionals. So, you are certainly progressing towards a bright future with this course.
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