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  • CCNP – A worth deal

    The biggest question that haunts the people, who are planning to get a Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching certification, is whether or not this certification is worth. Many people who ever tried asking anyone about this, havemost probably heard somewhat along the lines of “It depends.” Its no denying that it certainly depends on few things, but in any case that’s not a very insightful or helpful response. So, let’s list down the thing and try to get more in-depth answer to this common problem and then jumpstraight into the fact that whether or not one should go for CCNP.

    Isn’t enough anymore –

    A couple of years back the CCNA certification wasalone enough just to get a decent job. But, those days are long gone. Today, if you are relying exclusively on the CCNA certification to help you get a decent job opportunity or simply looking for a raise, you are in your dreams. Okay, let’sbe honest -there are hundreds and thousands of CCNAs in the market today, and majority of them are workingat low price. So, if you really want a long lasting career in field of networking, it is undoubtedly important that you must get your CCNP from CCNP training institute in Jaipur.

    Today, CCNP is in the spotlight –

    What initially you’ll investment in getting your CCNP course in Jaipur will pay you back quickly, not only that it will most certainly pay you off over time. Even if you have an incredible amount of experience packed with you, you might still need a CCNP, because what matters is perception. If you are working in the field of networking for a long time now, but you don’t have a CCNP certification, then it might look like you aren’t concerned in learning and evolving. There is also growing risk that a hiring team might not take you seriously anymore. Without a foot print of “CCNP” on your resume, you might not even get past your HR department. Is this kind of separation any fair?No, of course not.If you don’t have a CCNP certification, of course that doesn’t mean you aren’t involved in learning new techniques, nor it means you can’t do the job. But in IT sector, getting certifications are something that separates the wheat from the chaff.

    Potential income –

    The big question that every person getting CCNP has in its mind – how much one will make with their certification? This might be difficult to answer in a couple of line, but making things short, the answer is this -To the extent that you want. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your experience, the market, certifications you are holding, and the company. Make sure you don’t believe any sort of salary surveys. Those figures are influenced by just too many different sorts of variables. To end the statement it can be said that, keeping all other things equal, you will make a lot more as a CCNP than what you will as a CCNA.

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    • Date : 20/08/2016

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