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  • CCNP, next step after CCNA

    When someone starts for a professional career, they always look to improve their knowledge and upgrade their skills. Every technology has their low-level courses to high-level courses and this is the same for Cisco certifications. Once a person has done Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and has gained some working knowledge, that person will definitely like to grow his/her expertise on network at an advanced level. This advanced level is Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), where you get to study some advanced concepts about network security, routing data and troubleshooting WAN issues with more number of nodes.
    CCNP training in Jaipur has been a trend now and every computer institute offer this course along with CCNA. This way student can get more knowledge about the concepts of networking in its concepts and can also work for betterment of a company. This course is an intermediate course which has reputation in technological world and this has happened due to technical glitches which clients of these companies face. More the glitches, more requirement of a trained professional.
    This certification not only provides you with the required expertise in handling large networks but also make you stand out of the competition. Once you have this certificate from Cisco, you will be titled as a person who has the ability to plan networks as per their understanding, implement proper security protocols, can troubleshoot advanced technical issues and also work with specialists towards improving standards and provide advanced security for wireless and audio-video solutions. All you require to have atleast any year of experience after completing your CCNA certification and should have zeal to improve skills, abilities and take on new responsibilities.
    With this course along with CCNA can help you in gaining roles like network engineer, network analyst, system engineer etc., in some big companies which you have been dreaming of. The certifications done from Cisco are valued by every IT company and as mentioned earlier has a reputation in IT industry. Owing to the complexity of the devices and networks used within organizations, they are looking for people who are well verse with the latest technologies and equipment and are always keen to work towards the betterment of organization by maintaining their networks inside and outside the premises.
    Now you would be thinking how different this CCNP is from other networking courses? Well, as per one of the study people with certifications from Cisco earn around 9% extra above the industry standards. Also this improves your credibility within the market which in turn increases your chances of getting a job. This is all because the training module of this course includes only relevant, practical and job-related skills which are currently been accepted in the industry.
    In CCNA you would have learned about various types of cables, LAN, VLAN, WAN, configuring Cisco routers and switches and making devices communicate to each other. All this is a part of CCNP as well but on an advanced level and along with that you learn about advanced routing and switching concepts where you can gain knowledge about handling data centers or data warehouse and can even implement a complete network in a building on your own.

    • Posted By : kamlesh kumar
    • Date : 16/06/2015

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