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    JICS, our Networking Institute Jaipur is a reputed CCNA Institute Jaipur in the arena of Information Technology and Security. Our CCNA syllabus is designed under the guidance of experienced industry experts and certified training professionals. Armed with our advance CCNA Course Jaipur you will be able to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot small to medium-level route and switch networks and implementing the connection of remote sites in Wide Area Network (WAN). You will be able to easily manage LAN, WAN and Dial Excess services for small to medium level networks and security. We will make you an expert of IP Protocol, IGRP, VLAN, Ethernet, Frame Relay, etc. We live in a world of growing digitization; our CCNA Institute Jaipur will raise your employability in the industry.

    Our CCNA Networking Institute Jaipur is very versatile in its course coverage, our curriculum highlights include:

    •    IPv addressing of various levels. Public/Private Networks.
    •    Role of Network Mask in IP Addressing.
    •    Design and Implementation of Network Scenario.
    •    IP Security methods like NAT, PAT, Sub netting, VSLM, Broadcast and Network address, Super net Address, lock Size, etc.
    •    All about CISCO Router with network connectivity diagrams.
    •    Booting process of routers.
    •    Learn verification of operation of a device interface.
    •    Troubleshooting till advanced commands.
    •    Detailed IP Routing concepts.
    •    Various types of Routing and Protocols.
    •    Difficult terms and concepts of IT.
    •    Plan and Verify Static/Default Routes.
    •    Process of Routing.
    •    Dynamic Protocols and how to manage them.
    •    Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
    •    Loopback Address and Interface.
    •    Verify Interface status and protocols.
    •    Interface MTU.
    •    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP).
    •    Variance Factor.
    •    Path selection and load balancing.
    •    How to stop unwanted traffic on LAN.
    •    Cisco Discovery Protocol. Enable and disable it.
    •    Telnet into various devices at the same time.
    •    LAN Switching Technology. Its types, Bridges and Hubs.
    •    Create and Manage VLAN.
    •    Network Device Security.
    •    IPv6 Securities.
    •    OSI and TCP.

    Our CCNA Institute Jaipur is all set to support your high goals and career targets.

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