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    Compared to jobs in other sectors, it is much more important to have good training when a person is looking to work in the technical sector for an IT job. In the last few years, the most popular training is the Cisco training. This course is extremely popular and a Cisco certification training program should be available at any reputable computer hardware networking institute. The best part about this is one gets valuable experience without having to spend a lot of money (except for the case of particular and exceptional training). There are two hugely popular types of Cisco certifications which have been discussed in detail below.

    The importance of training can’t be underestimated at it can provide participants with valuable experience and a first-hand look at how things work in the industry. Training will not only help beginners but also helps current employees keep up with industry changes and all the changes in the latest technology.

    Cisco Certifications

    Cisco offers a total of five different levels of network certifications: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect.Under the entry level program, CCENT and CNT certifications are available that serve as starting points for people looking to become a networking professional. The Associate level which is one level higher has a wide variety of CCNA certifications that are specialized for different jobs like security, wireless, industrial, etc.

    The professional level requires more advanced skills and networking expertise and has certifications like CCNP Service Provider, CCNP Wireless and CCNP cloud. The expert level is one of the most advanced and prestigious network certifications worldwide. The Architect certification from Cisco is the highest level of accreditation achievable and is given to individuals who can support really complex networks of giant organizations. Most hardware networking institutes will have the CCNA and the CCNP certification programs.

    About CCNA

    The CCNA certification hasbeen the highest reputed degree for network professionals in entry level jobs, for more than a decade. This certification requires applicants to take one consolidated or two specialized written examinations.

    Two major advantages of CCNA certifications are that they are extremely affordable and require very little technical knowledge. There are CCNA institutes all over the world that offer speciality CCNAs such as CCNA wireless, CCNA voice, CCNA security, CCNA data centre, CCNA service provider and CCNA video.

    The scope and wide variety of material are the main reason for the incredible popularity of CCNA for such a long period of time. The stuff that is taught are all relevant to the immediate job at hand and very useful at the basic level. Another added point is that Cisco is brilliant at what it does and has the incredible ability to keep the participants fully engaged. The flexibility provided in terms of exam and classes timing are also great for some students.

    About CCNP

    The CCNP is for IT professionals that have at least a year of experience in professional networking. Under this program, participants can learn how to troubleshoot, install and maintain wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks for a system that has less than 500 nodes. Other network features and protocols such as route redistribution, access lists, Ethernet and AppleTalk are also taught under this certification.

    Most CCNP institutes focus on preparing professionals with some experience for the CCNP examination. The participants understanding of Cisco’s IP switched network and IP routing technologies is tested through a series of exams regularly. It must be mentioned that for applying for the CCNP program, a student must have the CCNA certification.

    The CCNP certification is geared at specialized training and some of the courses offered are Cisco remote access, Cisco advanced routing, Cisco multiplayer switching, Converged network optimization and scalable internetworks.

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