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    JICS Computer Hardware & Networking Institute is one of the best computer training schools in Jaipur. Located near the Sindi Camp in the Pink City, this is a leading institute which is registered and provides certified as well as recognised courses related to the dynamic IT sector. They work all day with just one motto on mind of hundred percent student self-sufficiency. The main aim is to make every young enthusiast independent and fully functional. This is the underlying principle according to which the institute and its well-read and educated faculty members work. No wonder, this is a hit choice amongst those young ones to wish to make it big in the IT sector!


    What is even more overwhelming is the fact that even with nominal fees, they provide a laptop to every student and focus on not just academic excellence but also all round and holistic personality development. Thus, they are also known to organise English training for those who need a little extra help with regard to the language. Their primary motive is to ensure that every student from their institute is able to match steps at a global level and be confident about himself. This is precisely why the curriculum is updated at regular intervals with changing needs of the world and the infrastructure is kept as modern as possible to allow scope and space for not just theoretical understanding but also practical exercises and tasks.


    Web designing is one of the several top courses that are provided by JICS, Jaipur. The details of the course and topics covered are as follows:

    • HTML:

    Developing websites


    Inserting images

    Links with HTML

    Development of tables and forms

    • JavaScript:


    Use of variables

    Use of conditions and loops

    Creation of events

    Java Script objects



    • CSS:



    Latest techniques

    Website Development

    • DIV:


    Development of table-less website

    Inserting images

    Link creation

    Implementing Java Scripts

    • Adobe Photoshop


    Creation of web layout with layers

    Creating images for websites

    Effects and tools

    Designing banners for advertisements

    • Dreamweaver:

    Management of websites

    Pre-printing designs

    Use of tables and forms

    Creation of CSS

    Java Scripts


    Uploading a website using FTP


    Please note that the duration of the course if for a period of 60 days and the fees is only Rupees 15,000/-. 50% of this fees needs to be deposited at the time of admission and the remaining 50% needs to be given in after 1 month.


    Other courses offered by JICS are:

    -Hardware Chip Level Course

    -Computer Hardware and Networking Engineering

    -Software Engineering


    -Ethical Hacking

    There are several more and you must visit www.jicsindia.com for further details on each of the above mentioned courses as well as those that have not been stated earlier.


    There are several professions that one can easily opt for after having successfully completed a course in web designing. On obtaining the valuable degree of the completion, one can go into several fields such as animation of different types (including 3D animation), page designing, website designing, architectural designing, film making as well as photography to name a few. Thus, this is a great sector to be a part of!

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