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  • How training with JICS will do wonders for your career

    Gone are the days when employers were more than willing to employ fresh-faced, novice and straight out of college students. The notion is simply antediluvian, to say the least. In today’s grappling competition, everyone is seeking an employee with some erstwhile work-experience or some hands-on working experience.

    Today, an employer looks for the candidates who have experience in an office setting, and a valuable and proficient knowledge in their field of study.

    However, with an archaic education system, the students are somewhat ill-equipped to get a credible and desirable job, barring a few.  Which makes them seek for summer internship programmes, which again is no easy feat.


    What is lacking in job seekers?

    Now, a student wonders if he/she can’t even get into an internship program, how will he/she search for a job. When you are working for an organisation, they invest money in you. No one wants to spend money on an employee lacking in some way or the other, when there are thousands of other candidates, with more dexterity, waiting for a chance to pounce on the similar job opportunity. Despite a gradually increasing high unemployment rate, more than half of the employers said that they had trouble finding qualified candidates for job openings. Many employers have noticed that not only the college graduates but even the people who are coming with an experienced job profile are somewhat lacking in the required skill set.

    What is more astonishing is how the college graduates face trouble in communicating effectively.

    The aforementioned clearly shows a lack of proper training in their college curriculum. A grappling-for-marks approach also has an impinging effect on the student’s job prospects. A student needs a proper training, especially in the field of their interest.


    JICS is here to save the day!

    However, rest assured. This is exactly what JICS is aiming for, to make students better equipped to work and adjust in fast-paced industry scenario and to help them fetch the jobs that they desire.  JICS, based in Jaipur, is a premier institute which provides training to the students in Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering and Networking Engineering within a year.

    Not only does JICS hone the technical skills but also puts an edge on the overall personality of the student. We at JICS works for a year on the student and after 12 whole months, the student excels not only in the technical field but also finds himself in a better position personality-wise, than he has hitherto been in.


    What is training at JICS all about?

    JICS, an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute, provides training in various fields.

    The training at JICS is a well-structured and an organised program that makes the student skilled and up to the date with the industry requirements. The students who were mono-focused before become well rounded after a year of meticulous training at JICS.

    While in colleges the student’s brain was muddled with agglomeration of theoretical knowledge of various subjects, in the training session they’re given a much-needed hands-on experience where they turn the theoretical knowledge into the practical knowledge.

    It is an extremely valuable experience as here at JICS, with the availability of highly advanced labs and certified teachers, the student can master a particular skill-set. Moreover, after the competition of the training program, the student finds himself

    confident enough and highly adept at his particular skill-set and speaking at a public platform.

    This much more refined version of the student will never fail to get a desirable and an affluent job.

    • Posted By : gopal singh
    • Date : 16/05/2018

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