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  • Importance of learning CCNA or CCNP

    CCNA and CCNP courses are currently in great demand in India and all over world as well. This is so because everything is now going onto the web and the globe is pacing towards a digital era. CCNA and CCNP certificates are extremely helpful in getting jobs in. the IT sector. JICS India is the best institute in India for hardware and networking. In fact, it is also the best institute for CCNA and CCNP courses in the country.




    With so many career opportunities and relevant course options all around, it can be quite a confusing task to decide on future path. Every field has its pros and cons and this is exactly what makes it difficult to understand that which is the most promising and paying job in the market at the moment. However, thanks to improving technology, this is now made easier. Technology not only helps you get information but also helps you to get work. Proving that absolutely correct, the CCNA or CCNP course offered by JICS institute in Jaipur is great.


    CCNA and CCNP are essential courses and certificates if you wish to make it big in the cyber world. This is a world which is constantly growing and that’s why you need to ensure that you are able to reap the most out of it. Though you may feel that it may be expensive and difficult to crack, I will gladly break the myth. The fact is that it is challenging which has its own thrill and it is bound to be one of your top achievements. Undoubtedly, the best institute for CCNA or CCNP is JICS India in Jaipur. They have not only classes, but also enriching workshops and fairly marked exams as well which will make your learning better.What’s more? Well, these courses and widely recognized and are proof of your merit in the field. Read ahead to find out why I’m so confident about that and you’ll wish to start filling the CCNA or CCNP form for JICS Indiaalready.


    CCNA at JICS India, which is the best institute for hardware and networking in India.

    First, let’s start with the basic. What is the full-form of CCNA? CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching certification. It is an examination that gauges a performing candidate’s knowledge and ability to install, operate and analyze as well as solve problems related to enterprise brand network. Other abilities of a CCNA professional include establishment of connections with remote sites via a WAN, get rid of basic security threats and comprehend the needs for wireless network access. The training of CCNA at JICS India includes the use of protocols such as Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, Ethernet, VLANs, ACLs, and many more. A few advantages of pursing a CCNA degree at JICS India are:

    1. There are 24 hours laboratory facilities for students.
    2. The training is on real routers and switches.
    3. CCNA coaching can also be availed online.
    4. CCNA coaching at JICS India follows the examination blueprint of Cisco CCNA Certification.
    5. There are three tracks of training: regular, fast and superfast.
    6. Real Cisco equipment is used.

    The course in interesting and has topics such as:

    1. How to build a sample network?
    2. How to establish an internet connection?
    3. How to manage network device security?
    4. How to build a medium size network?
    5. How to implement an EIGRP based solution?

    And, many more! Refer to http://www.jicsindia.com/courses/cisco/ccna/ for further details.


    CCNP at the best computer institute in India, JICS in Jaipur.

    At the moment, the world of internet and technology is the most well-paying sector. Thus, JICS India helps every aspirant to realize this dream and succeed. CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional and this is a certificate which teaches how to plan, implement and verify LAN and Wan. Other than that, it also provides knowledge and training on advance security, routing and switching. The curriculum is updated and the advanced infrastructure of JICS Jaipur ensures that there are hi-tech laboratories for training. The students are also provided laptops and all class notes to make their learning better and more impactful. Several other advantages of the CCNP course at JICS India include:

    • Industry influenced curriculum
    • Real Cisco equipment
    • Certified teachers who are experts
    • Practical training and extra laboratory classes
    • Availability of unlimited electronic learning modules
    • Flexible timings and batches
    • Interview preparation


    Future possibilities with a CCNA or CCNP certificate from JICS India.

    • Network Support Specialist
    • Network Engineer
    • Network Administrator
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate
    • Cisco Consultant
    • Support Specialist
    • Network Integrator
    • IT Infra Support Job

    And, there are many more, to be honest. This is so because the world is advancing rapidly towards digitization.

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    • Date : 04/06/2018

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