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  • Industrial Training in ASP.Net

    ASP.NET is a source open framework which is dedicated to server-side. It was designed primarily for the web pages to produce web dynamic pages. The framework is developed by the Microsoft, which is used to build dynamic websites, web applications, and other web services.

    The technology is successor to Microsoft’s another technology which is ASP a.k.a. Active Server Pages. Based on common language runtime (CLR) it allows the programmer to write code using the.Net language. Web pages designed in.NET language are known as Web forms.

    The main aim of the ASP.NET framework is to provide performance benefits over other script-based technologies, and ASP.NET achieves this by compiling the server-side code to one or more DLLs when for the very first time the code is called. This is how ASP.NET provides the performance boost which is very similar to the approach used Python language.

    This feature is also responsible for providing the ease of development which is offered by scripting languages. This process may cause a short delay for the first time when the page is requested but not after that unless the page is requested has been updated.

    JICS India is a project training institute in Jaipur, which aims at providing the real-time placement oriented training to the candidates who are looking for opportunities to make their career in the IT sector. The whole purpose of out ASP.NET training in Jaipur is designed with a single purpose of getting students the placement in the major companies as soon as they finish their academics. The training sessions are held by industrial experts and professionals who are also Microsoft certified and have contributed their expertise to the real-time.NET based projects.

    The whole course is designed with the single purpose of fulfilling the requirements which are based on real time requirements as dictated by various companies. The course will help students to reach their professional goal in the professional world.

    Our industrial training institute in Jaipur had track record of training students and equipped them with the knowledge, skill and experience which is needed out in the real world for success and for moving forward.

    All the topics such as:

    • CSS
    • HTML
    • C#
    • .NET
    • Web forms
    • Website navigation and validation
    • Web service etc.

    Are covered in great detail, and all the topics are fairly accompanied by theoretical as well as practical classes so that students can have a better grasp of the topics.

    It is an extensive training module which covers.NET framework in vast depth and the course fee is value for money. Each class is accompanied by small projects so that students can learn to implement the concepts practically and not just theoretically.

    All trainers of.NET are very well versed in the framework and have real time experience of working with on real projects for the IT companies and clients.

    • Posted By : gopal singh
    • Date : 24/05/2016

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