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    JICS Computer Hardware and Networking Institute is a well-recognized and acclaimed computer training school in Jaipur in the west Indian state of Rajasthan. It has several certified courses to enable the young generations achieve their dreams of making it big in the IT sector. They are one of the best means to successfully make a bight career in the aforesaid field. Out of the many courses offered by this extremely reputed institute in the Indian subcontinent, one of the most sought after degree is software engineering. This is a dynamic field and has immense scope for the coming citizens to make the country proud.


    Computers have drastically changed the way humans used to look at life and totally transformed daily mode of living and functioning.  Now, it is most important to note that these electronic devices have certain key elements such as the hardware and the software. Thus, software engineering can be explained and understood as the application of the principles of engineering to the production and use of new software effectively. Intense and thorough training is needed in this field as it is scientific as well as creativity-based sphere. Clearly, the two primary functions of a software engineer are to develop the software and monitor and manage its implementation.


    Software engineering at JICS is a certified and recognized course of 1 year. The topics covered in this span of time are:

    • Fundamental of Computer MS Office 2010
    • At Computer Hardware (Assembling, Soldering)
    • NT (Computer Networking)
    • Web Page Designing Through HTML, DHTML, JAVA Script
    • Managing Operating System (Windows 007)
    • Programming C Language with 15th edition
    • Through C++ Programming Language
    • Programming technique & Project
    • VB Script Language
    • JAVA / Core JAVA & Advance JAVA
    • About Net Programming language
    • Visual Programming in Net and Ad. Net
    • Developing Web application through Asp.Net Using C#
    • Introduction to PHP
    • SQL Server 2008

    What makes JICS desirable?

    Well, there are several factors that makes JICS the most desirable choice when it comes to software engineering. The most important influencer is the fact that JICS has their own placement cell. In today’s time and era, when unemployment is increasing as fast as India’s ever-growing population, this is a huge relief. This implies that one’s training will not go waste and he will be able to channelize it sensibly into earning a living for himself as well his family. It is also interesting to note that the curriculum is updated time to time. This means that no irrelevant or old school knowledge is imparted. It is the need of the hour to be at par with the world and be able to match steps and intelligence with it.

    Besides the aforesaid, one very important feature of JICS is that they focus on not only the academic development of a child but also the all-round holistic development. This is precisely why they offer training in English and personality development as well. This is very significant as theoretical knowledge will all be waste if an individual lacks the skills and confidence to present it with grace before a huge crowd, that is, the world.

    A few other career options that you can explore with your software engineering degree in hand are:

    • IT Consultant
    • IT Sales Professional
    • IT Technical Support Officer
    • IT Trainer
    • Multimedia Programmer
    • System Analyst
    • Technical Sales Engineer
    • Information System Manager
    • Games Developer
    • App Developer
    • Communications Engineer
    • Programme Researcher

    There are several other options that can be explored as per the interest of the degree holder. Thus, this is not a degree which forces you to become just one thing but actually provides you with ample scope to try out different professions and then decide on the one that suits your needs and interests the most.

    You may visit www.jicsindia.com for further details.


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