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    We are living in the world which is continuously moving towards advanced technology and thus, it becomes quite evident to go with the tide of time. When people are moving towards great technologies and innovations, you cannot think of being working on traditional ways and this is the reason why you need to be apt with what’s trending, in terms of technological advancements. However, it is not necessary that everyone is well versed with the changing technologies and this is where you might need help from experienced people who can train you with the latest trends. Jaipur Institue of Computer Studies (JICS) is the promising computer hardware networking institute, which can help you in gaining that required knowledge which you were missing.

    Owing to the fact that we are concerned about emerging expertise, engineering students are the one who is more inclined towards practical knowledge rather than just gaining the theoretical knowledge. But, with the current standards of our education system, these students don’t get that much practical exposure which can make them industry ready. This, in long-term, becomes a roadblock in their way of success and this is where we help them in unblocking their road to success.

    Worried about your engineering project?

    When engineering students are in their final year, they are asked to opt for various summer training projects, or more preferably some internship which can be done from any IT based company. This is a common scenario that when students approach these companies, they are often rejected on their request for internship looking at the expense in training these temporary candidates. So, to whom should these students approach to in order to get the proper summer internship in Jaipur? The answer lies with us, and we are proud to say that we are considered as the most recommended summer training institute in Jaipur.

    We have been into this service from quite a long time in Jaipur, and have understood the requirements of students very well. We have transformed ourselves into the multipurpose institute and serve you in all the possible ways. We can be your Btech project training institute in Jaipur, we can be your mentor in completing your internship, we provide you with the required hardware training and we can also be your guide in order to survive the competition in various IT companies. So whatever your reason be, we are there to facilitate you in every manner we can to ensure you a bright future.

    Be industry ready with us

    When you have completed your studies and ready to face the corporate world where you have to work towards your success, you must have the much-required experience, or at least have an idea of work culture of various IT companies. Our industrial training institute in Jaipur has it all for you. We not only provide you with technical expertise, but we also work on your professionalism so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of those experienced staff of your dream company. If you are a technology enthusiast, we are here to fulfill your enthusiasm about it.

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    • Date : 24/10/2017

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