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    Live project training, summer training, Industrial training, six-month training all these names are synonymous with Live Project Training, and these names are given by different colleges for students of B.Tech, BE, BCA, MCA, BSC. The basic idea for this type of training is to provide students with the experience of real time working environment of the companies. Though the principal aim is related to working environment students also get to learn about professionalism, work pressure and how to tackle various situations which very commonly arises in the professional working environment. Our team at JICS India offers best live project training in Jaipur in all the major technologies of IT such as web designing, PHP, asp.net, networking, etc. Students undergoing this training will gain their first practical experience of the working in a live environment and on live projects which are dictated by the client’s requirement. Here they will gain starting exposure which is often required for entering in IT companies.

    We are one of the best web designing training institute in Jaipur, and our entire curriculum is based on providing training in various cutting edge web technologies from basic to an advanced level which is required to get a placement in a reputed IT company. All the web trainers are certified experts in their respective field and have working experience of man real time industrial standard projects. The course syllabus especially focuses on everyone’s career goal alike.

    We also provide PHP training in Jaipur. This course also includes training from basic to advance level so that students can get acquainted with all the necessary knowledge which is essential for success and to get placement in good IT company. With certified professional trainers students will the PHP in a practical way which consists of applying the theory learned in class in small projects which are given as an assignment. Practical sessions are also part of classroom curriculum where students are given a demo of concepts and their usage in various aspects of real life conditions.

    As a reputed ASP.NET training institute in Jaipur,we alsoprovide career oriented ASP.NET training. Our curriculum focuses on learning concepts and applying them to real time scenarios and problems so that students can use them when they work on real projects on the client’s requirement. Focusing onthe career goals of students, our certified trainers train them from basic to advanced level. Being trained both theoretically and practically our students are ready to enter the market with full confidence which is backed by real-time training on projects. Practicing a language is one thing and practicing by applying concepts on various real time scenarios is anentirely different experience which we aim to provide all our students. With in-depth training, you will learn every aspect of this beautiful language from thepractical point of view.

    Our computer training institute in Jaipur is supported by best certified and professional faculty and is backed by fantastic IT infrastructure so that students can the best possible support they need to move forward in the world of cut-throat competition.

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