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    Devised by CISCO CCNA is the most popular entry-level networking certification in IT industry. The field of networking is continuously evolving incorporating more and more different types of devices and technologies. In such a diverse and comprehensive environment, CISCO’s CCNA certification is the best which not only professionals but graduates can get to kick start their career in the field of the networking industry. Over the years, the certification has maintained it credibility and importance among the industry and its experts and can be done either by giving one consolidated exam or two specialized exams. This certification not only provides enthusiasts and beginners with an extensive introduction to the networks but also provide them the knowledge which is applicable in daily and practical work environment. Although the course is accurate to CISCO’s networking environment, the knowledge is still applicable in many areas of everyday life.

    The next certification in line is the CISCO’s CCNP, which is available for the IT professionals with a minimum of 1-year experience in professional networking. The course is specifically designed to train the person or professional to troubleshoot, install and maintain WAN’s and LAN’s which are somewhere between 100-500 nodes. The topics covers in the certification are very exclusive, and several tests are held to check the candidate on various aspects of networking and its related issues. Certification also consists of not only one but rather a series of exams.

    JICS India is one of the best CCNA institute in Jaipur which provides CCNA training in Jaipur. Our goodwill does not only lie in providing the skilled manpower to the real time industries, but students and professionals are also taught the latest technologies and most advanced standards according to their respective industry. All the training sessions are coupled with hands-on lab sessions where students are allowed to practice not on simulator software but on real CISO devices which they would be tackling in real industries. In lab sessions, they are trained to deal with real time problems which they will face in their day to day life in an organization.

    We also provide online CCNP training in Jaipur. The best part of the online training. Now, No more rushing to the class at odd hours. Just a computer and decent internet connection and one can learn from their comfortable bed in the home. Our CCNP training in Jaipur is provided by the experts and not by some local instructors. If you are worried about the labs, then you will be given online access to the lab where you can practice to your heart’s content. By practicing on real routers and switches, students will be able to gain the right life like experience about working in an industry and will also learn to work with the actual devices which are entirely different from simulator software.

    So don’t place boundaries on your dreams especially on your career development. Join today JICS India to learn the latest in CCNA and CCNP and give your career a kick start.

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    • Date : 20/05/2016

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