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    Summer internship forms an important part of college curriculum where graduates are exposed to a modern training type particular period so that they can gain the necessary experience which is required to enter into real life corporate culture. There are many definitions of internships and some of them are:

    • Work experience which is structured according to the major or career goal of the student.
    • Work experience which can help thestudent to enhance his/her academic, career and personal development.
    • Work experience which is exclusively supervised by a professional of the company.
    • Work experience which spans up to one academic term or multiple academic terms

    While these definitions are traditional, an internship in general term can be any part time job, volunteer opportunities or it can also be a summer job.

    One of the biggest problemsin anentry level job search is that many students lack the initial experience and often ask the question “Where can I get the experience?” In fact, this issue is often put in this form which is more familiar and a rather severetype “I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience, and I don’t have an experience because I don’t have a job. JICS India is summer training institute in Jaipur,which aims at closing this gap between the graduates and industry experts who are often looking for the graduates with some form of experience.

    The professionals at JICS India provide the best summer internship in Jaipur in various technologies all of which are latest and are in demand in the real world right now such as Networking (CCNA, CCNP), web designing, Android, Asp, etc. At JICS India students are exposed to real-world projects via live project training during their summer internship. As a reputed project training institute in Jaipur, it is our duty and moral obligation to produce the skilled man force which can contribute to the development of this society for betterment.

    We are industrial training institute in Jaipur and by doing internship with us students learn various things such as:

    • Students get to learn about the career field from the inside and can decide if the career path is right for them.
    • They get the opportunity to work with the professionals in the chosen field.
    • They also get to observe the difference in the theory and practical implementation of the same technology which helps them to understand the technology better and in real with its application and limitations.

    As a B.Tech project training institute we are focused on leadership and skill development where:

    • Trainees get to learn new skills which they can add to their database as they gain confidence.
    • They get the opportunity to improve their teamwork.
    • They also gain knowledge from the industry expert.
    • They get the initial experience and can develop asense of responsibility for their work.
    • They are also able to achieve feelings of accomplishment by contributing to the real-time
    • They meet new people and can establish their network of professional contacts.
    • They are also able to enhance their resume for the applying in the organization.

    So, contact us today and give your career a boost which can lead you to greater heights in life.

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    • Date : 11/06/2016

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