Web Designing


Jics India is a best web designing institute in Jaipur. Jics India provides best training in web designing by Industry experts in a full professional environment.
Course details are:
Developing website using HTML
Formatting using HTML
Inserting Images
Links with HTML
Creating Tables & Forms
Introduction to JavaScript
Using Variables
Using Conditions & Loops
How to Create Events
How to use Java Script Objects
Validation through JavaScript
Animation using JavaScript
Introduction to CSS
How to implement CSS
Latest CSS Techniques
Develop website using CSS
Introduction to DIV
How to develop table less website
Inserting Images
Creating Links
Implementing JavaScript’s
Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to Photoshop
Creating web layout using layers
Creating images for website
Effects and Tools
How to design good banners for Ads
How to manage the website
Preprinting design
Using tables and forms
Creating CSS
Upload website using FTP
Course Duration & Fees Structure:
Course Duration: 60 Days
Fees: INR 15000/-
Note: 50% Fees will be charged at the time of admissions and rest 50% will be subject to submit after 1 Month.