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    RHCSA Online Course

    This course focuses on the technical information and hand-on on requirements to prepare the student for the 2.0hour hands-on Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam. Course will present materials and exercises tosupport the competency requirements utilizing live systems. RHCSA is an intermediate step in establishing the Red HatCertified Engineer (RHCE) Linux credentials and is an ideal certification for those transitioning from non-UNIX/Linuxenvironments. The development and implementation of this course assumes the student has no prior knowledge,background, or experience working within a UNIX / Linux operating system. There is the expectation that the student hasan immediate knowledge and operational familiarity with a current Windows or Macintosh client operating systemenvironment. The course will focus on current Red Hat published exam standards (RH Core 6 / Fedora 14), but cannotguarantee that these standards will not change or imply that what is presented in the class is all inclusive.
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    MCSA Online Course

    If you want to prove your primary set of Windows Server 2012 skills as a network or computer systems administrator then the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows Server 2012 certification is for you. This certification course is suitable for new or experienced IT professionals wanting to validate essential skills and earn the official Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. Sign up by this Friday and get the in-demand ITIL Foundation course free! Don’t miss out. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of this in-demand and accredited certification course and open the many doors to job opportunities around the globe. The MCSA Server 2012 course includes the following official exams: Microsoft 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 Microsoft 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012 Microsoft 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services...
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    MCSE Online Course

    Everyone of us well known by the name ‘Microsoft’ . There is a course named MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert ) introduced by Microsoft. This course if globally recognized factor for IT professionals. There is a huge demand of MCSE certified professional in IT industry, this is a very most important course not only for the beginners but also for those who want a hike in their career. There many students and professional who want to do this course but there are many difficulties that stops them to do it like some are from the cities where no good institutes are available that offers quality IT course and other who want to do it but they have no time to go to a physical class. If you are really willing to do this course then these obstacles will be no more able to stop you doing this because JICS India here introduce the complete online version of MCSE online course in India where you can access the very easy to understand online tutorials on our site www.jicsindia.com and if you have anything to ask then our back end team of experts is always there to help you with your questions. So now get ready to give the touch of reality to your dreams. The course is open for everyone who have a strong will to make a career in IT industry and also for those who are already there in the industry and want to give a hike to their career. So …. Get ready people! You are about to complete your vision. Here are the course details: You can access the tutorials anytime you w...
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    RHCE Online Course

    RHCE – A course for Certified System Administrator by Red Hat, This Course is specially designed for the senior system administer for Red Hat Enterprise, this help the student to posses the additional skills and knowledge. If you are among thousands of those student and professional who want to make their carrier in a well reputed company like Red Hat Enterprise as the senior system administer then we think you gonna need this course. There are many students and professionals who want to do this course and want be a part of Red Hat but due to lack of resources they are unable to do so. There may be different reasons like may there is no good institute in your area or may be due to your work schedule you are unable to join the physical classes. But don’t worry because here we at JICS India feel proud to launch the RHCE online Course in India. This online course is a complete package with very easy to understand video tutorials and full back end support for those who are really very keen to learn. This Course offer you the following ; Configuring static routes, packet filtering, and network address translation Setting kernel runtime parameters Configuring an Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) initiator Producing and delivering reports on system utilization Using shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks Configuring system logging, including remote logging Configuring a system to provide networking services, including HTTP/HTTPS, File Tran...
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    CCNP Online Course in India

    Welcome to the course that is respected widely in IT Sector and provided by Cisco Career Certification. This course brings measurable rewards to the worker and the organizations that they work in. By Cisco this course is specially developed to recognize the advance skilled computer professionals. The course is specially designed to make the students trained particularly for installation of medium size LAN/WAN networks. In order to be CCNP certified you need have to complete two or four exam that cover routing, switching and networking support. To start the course one need to hold an active CCNA certificate, after completing you may proceed to be certified for CCIE. What we are offering: We at JICS India provide you with the most suitable and easy to understand online training of CCNP course in India. Students or professional who hold an active CCNA certificate may get into our online training for CCNP professional course. Our course tutorial is very simple and easy to understand. A CCNA certified person can easily understand and learn from these tutorials. Why Should I choose this course? As Described above that CCNA is the higher level of networking, if you want to grow up in a reputed networking company you’ll have to have a CCNA certificate. Here we are making the process very easy for you. You’ll have to have to go to physical classes, you may learn it from the comfort of your home and anytime you want. Suppose if you are professional or student who has no ext...
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    Networking Online Course in India

    JICS India is one of the leading networking traing provider in India, we train our students with maximum practical knowledge. Netwroking is the field in India which is growing up like anything, this growth is also creating a large number of opportunities for skilled networking engineers. There are many talented students in India can’t prove themselves due to lack of resources, here at JICS India we are glad to launch our Online Networking Course in India. This is a practice of ours to reach to those willing people who want to make their career in Networking field but due to lack of resource they can’t. What is online Networking Course : To began with the rest it is important to understand that what is this course about. Online Networking Course if specially developed for those students who can’t come to physical class due to some reason. This course will make you an specialist in the field of Networking and will help you during entire the way of success in your life from getting a good job to keep growing up in your career. Key Features – This Course is developed for every common student who are willing to make their career in this field. Terms used in the training are very easy to understand so that any one can easily understand them easily. Access to this training is available online on our website www.jicsindia.com that mean you may go through the training tutorials anytime you want. A team of specialist will always be there to help you in case if you have...
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    Online CCNA Course in India

    CCNA - a certified course by Cisco Network Associate is the most popular networking course in India, it is genuinely a complete course for those who want to be expert in the field of networking. There are many student and professional in India who are willing to do this course but due to time limitation or lack of resources they are unable a to attend a physical class. To be certified in this course one must score on Cisco exam #200-120 else Cisco will not count that candidate a certified candidate. What we are offering : In order to reach to the large number of talented students we have deiced to provide online training of CCNA course in India, in this traning we’ll train our student through the online video tutorial and one –o-one session . This is a complete learning package for those students who can’t go to physical classes due to some reason. This course is developed and designed on a very simple base so that anybody can easily understand and can do the things shown in videos in practical. The main specialty of the course is that we’ll cover each and every topic no matter how you study it. Our team of socialist will always be there to help you with the questions and problems you face during your traning. Who can join the Training – Any graduate student and professionals are welcome to join the course. The only requirement is willing to learn in order to get a good job to start your career with or to jump higher in your career. ...
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