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  • RHCSA Online Course

    This course focuses on the technical information and hand-on on requirements to prepare the student for the 2.0hour hands-on Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam. Course will present materials and exercises tosupport the competency requirements utilizing live systems. RHCSA is an intermediate step in establishing the Red HatCertified Engineer (RHCE) Linux credentials and is an ideal certification for those transitioning from non-UNIX/Linuxenvironments. The development and implementation of this course assumes the student has no prior knowledge,background, or experience working within a UNIX / Linux operating system. There is the expectation that the student hasan immediate knowledge and operational familiarity with a current Windows or Macintosh client operating systemenvironment. The course will focus on current Red Hat published exam standards (RH Core 6 / Fedora 14), but cannotguarantee that these standards will not change or imply that what is presented in the class is all inclusive.
    Student should have: a basic knowledge and use of information technology systems, basic operating systems conceptsand terminology, and have taken the online Red Hat certification pre-assessment exam to identify their current level ofunderstanding.

    Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)

    Following topics will be covered under this module

    • Graphical installation of Red Hat Linux.
    • Managing physical storage
    • Command line Linux administration
    • Installation and configuration of local components and services
    • Establishing network and securing network services
    • Managing and securing files
    • User Group administration
    • Deploying file-sharing services
    • GUI-based tools and important command line concepts
    • Basic security skills

    Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)

    Following topics will be covered under this module:

    • Network configuration and troubleshooting
    • Managing file systems and logical volumes
    • User and file access control
    • Installing and managing services and processes
    • Command-line operations
    • Troubleshooting file systems
    • Partitioning
    • LVM, access control, and package management

    Red Hat System Administration III (RH254)

    Following topics will be covered under this module:

    • Enhancing user security
    • Configuration and automated deployment and management of DNS, Apache, SMTP and file sharing
    • Disk management with iSCSI
    • System and network activity monitoring
    • Network management and packet filtering
    • Software management
    • Web service management
    • File sharing across platforms
    • Basic SMTP management

    Online RHCSA Training in jaipur

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